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Active nature conservation

& Ultimate Africa adventure

Ultimate Challenge: Training as an anti-poaching ranger is one of the most adventurous and diverse training courses available. Everything is in there: Wilderness Survival as well as Crime + Terror Survival - and everything else to survive in a security job in the deepest wilderness.

This list of requirements comes close to those of military special forces - and of course can only be achieved through years of training and a lot of experience, plus extremely high personal commitment. - Our anti poaching ranger training program is the beginning ....

A true conservationist: A trained anti-poaching ranger is of great importance for the conservation of wildlife. In addition to the destruction of the habitat, poaching is the main cause of extinction, not only of rhinos and elephants. Anti-poaching rangers trained in Africa have specialist knowledge and skills that are in demand internationally. - But also participants, who do not want to work professionally, can experience in the training  "the adventure of their life".


Ondjou Wilderness Reserve - perfect terrain for anti-poaching training: In our huge, 10qkm training area, all practical and tactical disciplines of anti-poaching work can be perfectly trained. And unfortunately there is poaching on Ondjou and its neighborhood as well...! The training can thus even lead to assignment, - if the conditions are not too risky for the students. In addition, Ondjou and the surrounding area are home to animals that are particularly affected by poaching: Elephants and rhinos, apart from the much more frequent "bushmeat" poaching, which has already made entire tracts of land in Africa "wild-animal-empty". The ideal training conditions in Africa and at our academy allow us to teach subjects and skills that can not be offered in that form and quality elsewhere.


Our anti-poaching course is interesting for anyone who combines their passion for nature and wildlife with an interest in law enforcement, security and defense against crime and terror.
Professionals, in the broadest sense, who work in related professions and who are looking for additional qualifications, which can be helpful in future job applications.
Adventure and extreme travelers who want to go through the training as the best possible preparation for any problem situation during an adventure trip to "hot" regions of the world.
Conservation-minded people who want to get to know the work of anti poaching rangers in the face of the destruction of wildlife populations.
Bushcrafter, oudoor and survival sportsmen, who want to get to know the wide-ranging application of their sport / hobbies in the professional field and who would like to significantly improve their skills and knowledge in all fields of "survival".
Sport / Combat shooters and martial artists, who seek broadening horizons and at the same time want to experience the magnificent adventure that this training offers.
Safety-conscious people who want to improve their personal safety, especially on adventure trips  through the training.
Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who simply want to experience one of the biggest outdoor adventures available.


Training certificate: All training modules (see links) must be completed in order to receive the final certificate of the SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy at the end of the training. - The certificate confirms the successful graduate that he / she has a high level of wilderness experience, as well as many special skills and knowledge.
Being proud of one's own achievement is therefore appropriate in view of the challenges of a ranger training. Even for those who do not want to use this professionally, the training brings a lot of personal development and a valuable asset to their lives.

Fitness and requirements: In addition to theoretical training in the classroom (about 10%), the training always takes place outside in the wilderness. The training does NOT aim to test participants' fitness but focuses on knowledge and skills training. There are no "brutal marches", more than average fitness is not required, although a high level of fitness is of course of great advantage. However, every participant should always have some physical and mental resilience and good health.

Social and conservation engagement - Donate by participation: Any participant in our training programs may, upon request, enable a talented but impoverished Namibian to attend the booked training course at the same time, thereby enabling him / her to gain a professional perspective as a ranger. - Development aid and the good deed in Africa can not be better and more direct!


The description of the 5 training blocks with 18 days each, plus the description of the corresponding training modules can be found under the links.


The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Through our experience with emergency scenarios and the resources and opportunities we have, courses are an asset to any resume. - The professionalism of the training is also a great challenge for "non-professionals", a powerful personal development and - of course - an ultimate African adventure that guarantees unforgettable impressions and experiences.

With kind regards from Namibia


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