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Nature is our home


An Advanced Wild Nature Expert has in-depth knowledge of the aspects of nature that are most important to successfully work as a ranger, for a good outdoor life and for survival. These include plants, animals, rocks, landscapes and eco-systems. Apart from the general value, the knowledge of nature and wilderness is the basic requirement for every Ranger activity, and also a prerequisite for successful survival.

Even during other training modules, we are always keen to learn more about nature whenever we come across interesting animals, plants or other natural phenomena that are important for ranger life and survival.

Ondjou Wilderness Reserve - perfect training conditions: In our huge, 10qkm large training area with its extremely varied landforms and ecosystems we can offer ideal training conditions .


Rangers who need this training module as part of their training course.
Professionals, in the broadest sense, who work in related professions and who can use this course to increase their expertise and qualifications.
Nature lovers, who want to get to know the nature of Namibia in depth.
Bushcrafter, Oudoorer and Survival sportsmen who want to learn more about the importance of nature expertise for good and successful Bushcraft and Survival.

Adventurers and Africa enthusiasts who simply seek a particularly intensive experience of nature and an unforgettable African adventure.


Training content


It is particularly important that the participants recognize the inter-connections in nature and thus learn how natural science - divided into geology, zoology and botany - is linked to each other. Apart from the basics, the training is consistently based on the application of nature expertise for a successful and healthy life in the wild - and for survival in emergency situations.

Knowledge of geology / geography is e.g. extremely helpful in route planning and in the search for water.

Trees, shrubs and grasses, which are the basis for wildlife, are in many ways important to survival - be it as raw material, fuel or food - or if they are poisonous!

Accurate knowledge of zoology, including birds, mammals and insects, is fundamental to hunting, trapping and foraging. Likewise, in-depth knowledge of the dangerous animals forms the basis of the so-called "Jaw + Claw Survival", ie the successful avoidance of confrontations with these animals and the correct behavior in encounters in the wild.


















The Adventure of a Lifetime!


Nature Experience & Wilderness Experience: Like all programs at our SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy, the Nature Expert training is an intense action in and with nature - and a confrontation with the wilderness. The combination of terrific scenery, wildlife encounters on foot, the magic of Africa and the certainty to dramatically improve survival skills make the program a terrific adventure - and one of the most important aspects of surviving in wild Nature.

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