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The Wild is our Home


What We Are: Our SurvivalZone© Wilderness Academy is a wilderness school and survival academy with headquarters in our 100 sq km private wildlife reserve in the fascinating Northwest of Namibia.

What we offer: Several-day to several-week ranger training, anti-poaching training, and survival training courses, also in combination with a Namibia safari.

Our courses are designed for professional requirements for wilderness guides, anti-poaching rangers as well as for SERE experts, and for people who want to prepare for real emergencies. But also programs which are more "fun orientated" and less "serious" can be customized from us. In addition, we offer those who are looking for a deeper African experience and a very special holiday experience the opportunity to participate in our wildlife reseach and stone age research programs, or to participate in our nature conservation volunteering programs.

Participants: All who have an in-depth interest in the wilderness, living and working in and with the wilderness. Particularly to call are rangers, wilderness and security professionals, hunters, bushcrafter, outdoor and survival sportsmen, martial artists and sport shooters, who find with us a great opportunity to for training, improved qualification and broadening their horizons.


Values: Commitment to nature, ecological responsibility, professionalism and compliance with the law are our top priorities.


Philosophy: We live and work in the tradition of hunter-gatherers who lived and survived in our Ondjou Wilderness Reserve thousands of years ago. On the right are the 3500 to 5500 year old petroglyphs of a group of hunters and warriors in a rocky region on Ondjou. - These true masters of survival, be it for food or for the defense of their livelihoods are exemplary for us - and their harmony with the wilderness, although for us now unattainable, an incentive.

Our Ranger Training Program:

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Wilderness Law Enforcer & Tracker                                    Wilderness Rescuer                                            Stone Age Research                Wildlife Research                     Nature Conservation Volunteering

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               Wild Nature Expert                                                Wilderness Survivor                                                Jaw & Claw Survival Scout                                                    Wilderness Medic 

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                            Survival Trekking                                                       Survival Trapper                                                         Survival Hunter                                                       Long-Range Shooter                  

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 Zusatz-Programme:......  Long-Range-Shooting                    .....Jagd-Training für Nichtjäger und Sportschützen            ........Ranger- und Survival-Training                        ......Photo-Safaris

Jagd-, Ranger-, Long Range- und SurvivaltrainingNeben den Jagdsafaris bieten wir an unserer Wildnisschule, der SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy, hochinteressante Trainingskurse für Jäger, die ihre Jagd-, Schiess-, Outdoor- und Survivalfähigkeiten wesentlich verbessern wollen. Bei Interesse hier clicken:

Conclusion: The high quality ranger, anti-poaching and survival training offered by us in connection with a trip to Namibia, a worldwide dream travel destination, is unique and offers career perspective and personal development PLUS intensive wilderness experience and an unforgettable Africa adventure trip.


Seminars - Agents - Groups: Groups, e.g. companies, associations, wilderness schools, clubs and other institutions etc receive significant discounts. In addition, agents who want to become partner with us, to take over marketing and organization in their home country for our academy can count on commission or free participation.


SurvivalZone© Information and training seminars in Europe: Contact me for an appointment and detailed information.

More information: The website gives you a detailed picture of what we offer. Have fun checking!

Personal consultation is important to me: I am happy to assist you anytime, by phone/whatsapp, or personally at a meeting during my trips to Europe.

Best regards from Namibia - Marco Grünert

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Marko J Grunert

Handy / Whatsapp: 00264-81-1245321

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