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Chief instructor - Chief Ranger - Owner:

Marco Grünert

German-Namibian, in the profession in Africa for over 30 years

Ranger & Survival Expert

Strong interest in "the simple life out in nature" since childhood

First survival training as part of his special military training (parachute commando unit)

In the field of outdoor and survival in Africa since the 1980s, working continuously as a ranger, in the following professions:

Prospecting geologist, wilderness guide, professional hunter and anti-poaching ranger - and finally as an instructor with his own ranger and survival school in his Ondjou Wilderness Reserve


Security expert

In the security business since the  age of 18


Former commando paratrooper


Former co-owner of one of the largest Arrmed Response and Close Protection security companies in Southern Africa


Close protection (deployment, commander, instructor); Among others, work as a bodyguard for the German Football Association during the World Cup 2010 in South Africa


Anti-poaching officer, commander and instructor since 1993 (including in his Ondjou Wilderness Reserve);


Founder and chief instructor of the AP4D Anti-Poaching For Development project (, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to training underprivileged Africans for anti-poaching operations (sponsored, among others, by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation)


Armed Alarm Response / Armed Alarm Intervention: Deployment, commander and instructor since 1995.


Instructor of members of police, military and anti-terrorist units


Operator of the SurvivalZone© Self-Defense Academy in Namibia's capital Windhoek (

=Uninterrupted in martial arts since the age of 7 years

=Krav Maga-Fighter since 1981

=intensive competition experience in Judo, JuJutsu, Thai Kickboxing and MMA

=CTS (Crime+Terror Survival) Krav Maga Expert Level 5 and Master Level

=CTS Shooting Expert Level 5 and Master Level

=Graduations in JuJutsu; Dan Degrees in Judo and Thai Kick Boxing (WAKO, 5th Dan)


Publication of a Handbook on Crime Prevention, "Street Survival", ISBN 99916-68-64-0







Our partners, agents and assistant trainers in Europe

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Marco Grünert

Berufsjäger und


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S. Gerrit


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Tracker & Skinner

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Auxamub (Moses)


Tracker & Skinner

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Tracker & Skinner

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Köchin und


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