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Entry into the ranger adventure

Our basic course

develops the basic knowledge and skills to stay and move as safely as possible in desert, steppe and savannah - but also in the wilderness of other climatic regions. It forms the foundation for all other courses which follows.



The Basic course is training to become a Basic Nature Expert, Basic Wilderness Survivor, Basic Survival Medic and the Basic-Jaw + Claw Survivor. 
A detailed description

of the training modules can be found in the following sub-links.


18 days - 16 training days and 2 days for rest / arrival / departure.

Training areas:

Ondjou Wilderness Reserve and neighboring parts of Damaraland in the Kunene region of Namibia are  the first region where training will take place.

Follow up basic courses can also be booked in other regions of Namibia after the first training on Ondjou, e.g. in the deep Namib Desert, in the Kavango and Sambezi region or in the expanse of the Kalahari. - This change into a completely different environment including other wildlife and the associated new challenges make the course in this way an ever new adventure!


Fitness and requirements:

There is basic fitness and good health required. In addition, a strong motivation for the course goals is necessary.



The course is suitable for anyone who is motivated and robust enough to take on this challenge. Participants can be for example:

Ranger / Ranger trainees who need this course to become a complete ranger. Their training is therefore particularly challenging.

Professionals, in the broadest sense of the word, who work in related professions and who are looking for an interesting further education, which can be helpful in future job applications

Nature-loving and conservation-minded people who are looking for a new career perspective, especially in Africa.

Bushcrafter, oudoor and survival sportsmen who want to get to know the wide-ranging, practical application of their sport / hobbies on a professional level and who want to deepen their skills and knowledge for living and survival in the wilderness.

Adventure travelers - who want to prepare themselves for all the demands of a journey to extreme regions

Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who simply want to experience one of the biggest outdoor adventures available - and who are looking for strong personal development and broadening horizons.

Accomodation: In order to recharge batteries, we usually stay in our stylish Ondjou lodge. Good food, friendly service and the breaks at the pool or on the cosy terraces make us fit again for the next adventure, true to our motto "Rest in comfort - to be strong again for the bush". If the program takes place far away from the Ondjou Wilderness Reserves, the base is either a good campsite with sanitary facilities or another lodge.

Note: Programs outside of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserves are generally at additional cost. 

Ranger Training combined with photo safari: All of our ranger courses can be combined with a photo safari. - Contact me for advice if you and your group are interested in such a combination.

Course certificate: Will be issued at the end of the course. 


What's next? ......

1) Even after successfully completing the training course, nobody is "perfect" yet. All courses or training modules can thus be deepened by repeated, especially in other wilderness regions of Namibia, with other external conditions .... and can be further intensified if desired.

2) The bachelor course following the basic course is a significant advancement as it combines advanced skills with survival trekking and additional new disciplines and subjects.


Further information about prices and services: See link "Rates"

We in Germany: We also hold SurvivalZone© information and training seminars in Germany. Contact me for an appointment.

Personal consultation is important to me, by phone / WhatsAp, or personally at a meeting in Germany (usually in April / May / June every year).

Best regards from Namibia

Marco Grunert

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Greater Kudu



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Braune Hyäne


Rock Hyrax











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