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Life in the bush

Objective: In the Bachelor's Rangerkurs we move longer and deeper into the wilderness - with the aim to become more familiar withbeing far away from civilization.

We do not force marches through burning heat with heavy backpack, but follow the example of the wild animals and walk slowly through the busth, with minimal backpack, always observing and scouting, through various terrain and vegetation zones. We only carry what we need for a night in the deep bush - and to be able to return safely to the base the next day.

Survival skills while trekking: Survival trekking will include several advanced survival training sessions: Wild Nature Expertise, Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Medic, Jaw+Claw Scouting and Survival Hunting and Trapping. Good navigation and good jaw+claw scouting is always necessary, as we work our way deeper into areas inhabited by potentially dangerous animals.

This is a highly intensive wilderness experience, but we always work with a safety reserve so that in case of emergency the supply point or vehicle can be reached quickly enough. An armed and trained wilderness guide (in person of the instructor) is a matter of course. After reaching a destination, choosing a campsite and camp life is an important part of a Ranger training. Food, water, body care and accommodation come exclusively "out of the backpack".


Fitness: Since the distance covered is not too long, even low fitness is sufficient for our survival trekking tours. More than fitness is important to us, that the participants learn to "make themselves comfortable" in real wilderness and to stay fit and rested even under the simplest living conditions. Overnight in a tent is the norm, but if you're brave enough, you can also use the various shelters we use to fight off "Animal Danger" (Jaw + Claw Survival) and to keep you out of the cold of the night.


Our Advantage: We know the dangers of the wild, the risks of an extreme nature and environment that surrounds us every day. Dealing with these dangers is part of our life.


The risks of the wild nature can hit anyone who goes into the wilderness, as a traveler, or who is there professionally, especially rangers. In addition to practicing some additional survival techniques and tactics (including trapping, hunting weapons production), the aim is to apply the lessons learned on the base course to remote wilderness survival trails with limited equipment. This survival trek always takes place in big game country, ie in regions where potentially dangerous big game occurs.

A goal on the Walks is to prove this big game on the tracks - a breathtaking adventure! Meetings are about shooting good photos from a safe distance ...


Ondjou Wilderness Reserve and adjacent Damaraland - perfect training conditions: In this vast area, multi-day survival trekking and all low-gear survival disciplines can be perfectly trained. The region is located in the semi-arid climatic area, and therefore offers all natural conditions for survival training for deserts, steppe and savanna regions, including survival in harsh mountain and rocky regions. The country is characterized by deserted vastness, lack of water, often heavy terrain and a plant and animal world, which are adapted to the harsh conditions.


A whole series of potentially dangerous animals occurs. This and the high temperatures during the summer months and the frequent cold at night (even minus degrees), as well as extreme thunderstorms and flash floods in the rainy season demand a lot from the participants.




Training content - Overview

"The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Ranger training in the Ondjou Wilderness Reserves is a very intense oudoor experience, extreme nature experience and preparation for an emergency - wherever it can take place .... Through our experience even with extreme emergency scenarios and the possibilities on Ondjou the training is not only for professionals and rangers, but for all motivated adventurers, outdoor and survival sportsmen, and always a great challenge, an unforgettable experience and - of course - an ultimate African adventure.

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