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Shooting for self-defense

Why CTS shooting?

The firearm is the strongest weapon against armed attacks in Crime+Terror Survival scenarios and often also the weapon of the attacker. For these reasons, it is a must for anyone who seriously wants to practice self-defense or survival to practice in the handling and use of firearms. For this purpose, Crime+Terror Survival Shooting is an indispensable part of our preparation for the survival emergency


Weapons as part of the survival gear:

Weapons that are used to defend against hostile humans can perform a triple function, as they can also be used for self-defense against dangerous animals as well as for survival hunting. The training of these disciplines complements each other. In general, defense weapons are one of the most important components of a survival equipment for "hot regions" of the earth.


Firearms deployment after disarming:

Defense shooting is a must for profesional rangers and security professionals. In the civilian field, it is mostly overlooked that in times of increasing violence private individuals are also required to defend themselves with firearms, even if they dont have a license or own a gun. This results from the realistic scenario that an attacker of violence could be disarmed (by contact techniques, see Wilderness Self-Defender course) and this firearm can now be used for self-defense or third party protection.


Self-Defense Principle:

Anyone training to disarm an attacker should also be trained on the weapon being seized - including the firearm - and deploy it if justified by the legal conditions for self-defense and third party protection.


Our Background: We know the dangers of Crime+Terror based on our professional careers. However, these risks can also affect anyone traveling to the wild or "risky" destinations (such as Africa) for personal or professional reasons. More importantly, these risks apply to rangers who are responsible for the safety of others or for law enforcement.


Our participants:


Wilderness Guides, Anti-Poaching Ranger and SERE Experts who need this module as part of their ranger training course with us. Their training is therefore particularly challenging.


Safety-conscious people who want to be able to show moral courage in extreme situations in order to protect others or themselves


Security Professionals or those who want to be, who need CTS shooting skills or to further improve their qualifications and to better prepare for emergencies in the course of their profession


Sport/Combat Shooters who want to train under ideal training conditions, and who want to extend their arsenal by learning the Crime+Terror Survival shooting system.


Martial artists who want to learn CTS shooting as the ultimate form of self-defense to broaden their horizon and extend their defensive power.


Adventure travelers who want to prepare for dangerous attack and threat scenarios on their travels around the world, including potentially dangerous regions, and choose for this purpose the intriguing nature of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve


Survival sportsmen who want to broaden their horizon, and add this survival discipline to their arsenal of skills.


Training content


This basic CTS Shooting course only requires the training state attained by the gun training in the previous courses (Survival Hunter, Long Range Shooter, Jaw+Claw Survival Shooter). For more advanced shooters, the level of the training can be scaled up and adjusted accordingly. Also tailor-made courses are possible.

Safety and Law:

The course starts with all legal issues related to firearms deployment and the safe handling of firearms (in theory and practice).

Training on a variety of firearms:

The training is based on the weapons that a defender could capture in close combat from an armed attacker, or which is otherwise reachable. Since terrorists and violent criminals, for example in Africa, use "weapons of war" such as assault rifles and submachine guns, basic knowledge in dealing with these weapons should be available, apart from the usual pistols, revolvers, shotguns and carbines, which are used for hunting, for example.

Training methodology:

Dryfire training:

Especially for beginners, most of the training consists of "Dryfire drlls", ie "shadow shooting". Not only does this save on ammunition costs, it's also great training for the livefire drills that follow.

Airsoft tactical training:

Applies to airsoft drills with realistic rifles and handguns. With our Airsoft rifles and pistols we can also safely perform "firearms sparring", ie the fight against each other with a "firearm".

Livefire training:

Neverthess, training with live ammunition is absolutely necessary in order to get to know the behavior of the weapon during a sharp shot, as well as to alleviate mental stress of livefire shooting.

Overview - Training content

























The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Crime+Terror Survival training is always pure action, surrounded by Africa's wild nature, under Namibia's sun and in the habitat of Africa's wildlife. It's pure adventure - and lots of physical action that teaches us every day the challenge of surviving terror and violent crime in the wild. The combination of awe-inspiring landscape, wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa and the certainty of significantly improving survival skills make the SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy's Crime+Terror Survival Training a grandiose African adventure.

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Survival Shooting -


Training in handguns, rifles and shotguns for self-defense

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Survival Shooting -

Automatic Weapons

Training on firearms, after disarming the attacker

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Survival Shooting -

Tactical Airsoft

Use of airsoft weapons for tactical training and self-defense simulations

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Survival Shooting -

Fast Point Shooting

Fastest shooting with little or no use of sight



Survival Shooting -

Low Light Shooting

Shooting in bad light and in the flashlight

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Survival Shooting -

Cover & Shoot

Quick coverage and shooting from cover.



Survival Shooting -

Multi & Moving targets

Against several armed attackers and attacks from all directions

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Survival Shooting -

From vehicles

Common reality: shooting from and around the vehicle



Survival Shooting

Firearm safety & laws 

Gun safe handling and legal aspects of firearms use

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Survival Shooting -

Firearm retention

Defense of your own firearm against disarmament attempts

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Survival Shooting -

Close Contact

Combination of CTS Krav Maga and close quarter shooting 

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Survival Shooting -Move & Shoot

Survival shooting from the move to create "a difficult target" for shooters

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