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The fascination of sniper training in Africa


Our long-range shooting courses prepare the participants to work their way unnoticed to the target and to hit them precisely from further away.

Our background:

This training module is based on the requirements of hunting in Africa. That's why the long-range shoot fits in perfectly with the concurrent Advanced Survival Hunting course. Long-range shooting (for hunting) under the most difficult conditions has been both a profession and a livelihood (for meat supply) for decades, which we constantly improve through practical experience and ongoing training. The tactics and techniques used are identical to the requirements of sniper mission, which can be of use in anti poaching missions in exeptional cases. In general, the long-range shooting course prepares for any activity that involves the unnoticed approachand precise hitting of a target from far over 100 meters. Therefore, not only for the hunter, but also for the sport shooter, the training is a valuable boost of his abilities and an ultimate challenge for a marksman in Africa's fascinating nature.

Long-range shooting combined with hunting:

Hunting the African wild animals (for meat or ecological reasons) is the ultimate challenge for the ambitious long-range shooter and can be integrated into the training course if desired.

Ondjou Wildernes Reserve - perfect training ground:

In our 100 km² wilderness reserve, all shooting and tactical disciplines of the sniper / long-range shooting can be perfectly trained without any external or legal restrictions. We have a 600 meter long-range shooting track, which has the best training conditions. The hunting opportunities also give the participants the opportunity to put their learning to the test - and at the same time to procure meat for the kitchen.


The training module is suitable for anyone, man and woman, who wants to improve their shooting technique at long to extremely long distances, be it for better hunting success or to generally improve their shooting drastically. Participants can be for example:

Rangers who need this training module as part of their SurvivalZone training course with us. Their training is accordingly particularly challenging.

Protective shooters who want to learn the sniper technique and tactics in their entirety without "Limits and restrictions in a wilderness region, and would like to test these abilities in the hunt in Namibia's wilderness (German hunting license not required)

Hunters, from young hunters to experienced hunters, and those who want to be, who want to drastically improve their shooting technique, even for hunting "at home" or for a foreign hunt -. a mountain hunt

Survival sportsmen and bushcrafter who want to improve their ability to hunt - for survival purposes - as well as learn the sneaking, camouflage and other tactics that are important for all forms of hunting to bow hunting.

Security Professionals or those who want to be, who want to be educated and trained to improve their qualifications and who want to better prepare themselves for professional emergencies - in the wilderness of Africa in fascinating surroundings.


Weapon import:

Hunters and marksmen may import shotguns and rifles of any caliber (including silencers) and 60 rounds of ammunition to Namibia. Further information with us.


Training content: For our Basic Long-Range Shooting Training, it is ideal if the participant already has secure weapon handling and basic shooting abilities. But also beginners are welcome - but only in beginner groups. Advanced trainings individually or in advanced groups - also tailor-made. How to train the precision shot at distances of 100m (very small targets) to 600 meters with repeating rifles in caliber .308, and .300 WM. Shooting at even greater distances is optional. The training with large caliber rifles (.458 Win.Mag) can be practiced. The training includes all areas necessary for a successful long-rank shoot / sniper mission.


Overview - Training content



























The Adventure of a Lifetime!


Wilderness experience and personal development: Long-range shooting on Ondjou means intense, "close" contact with the wild - especially if the course is combined with hunting. The long-range shooter uses nature and terrain - and must blend with nature to succeed. This means a lot of physical action in the bush. The combination of terrific scenery, wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa and the certainty to significantly improve its shooting and survival skills, make the training one of the greatest adventures that can be experienced in nature.


All Terraine


Shooting in different terrain, e.g. through dense vegetation, etc




Shooting in case of physical exertion or nervous stress

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Withdrawal &

Relocating Tactics

Unrecognized positional shift after the shot or covered retreat




Determination of the hitting position depending on the shooting angle



Angle Shooting

Shooting from all angles - e.g. steeply upwards or steeply downwards

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Position Shooting

Shooting from all body positions - adjusting the position to the terrain

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Scouting, locating and identifying the target


Camouflage &

Hiding site selection

Camouflage and selection of a hidden shooting position


Target approach

& Range finding

Hidden approach to the target and determination of the shot parameter




Defense against sniper attacks - in anti poaching as well as in civilian scenarios

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Long-range Shooting

Application of the shooting technique / tactics on the hunt


Firearm safety

& Legal Framework

Safety and law in the long-range shooting

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