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Basic Training: Injured in deep wilderness

Extremely important: The importance of Medical Survival for the survival of injuries and health problems caused by the dangers of the wild, "Crime+Terror" or  dangerous animals can not be overstated. - Therefore we dedicate this topic special attention in the basic and bachelor course, as well as again in the Expert course, in each case with other subjects and tasks.
In the wilderness, far from any medical help, even minor injuries can lead to serious impairment of survival or even slow death. Therefore, not only the prevention of such injuries, but also their treatment as well as the transport of casualties (friends, companions, or simply people in need) must have the highest priority in realistic emergency survival training.


Ondjou Wilderness Reserve - perfect training conditions: In our huge, 10qkm training area, all disciplines can be perfectly trained. And above all: The wilderness and deserted vastness of Ondjou gives the right atmosphere for a realistic training - because here the danger of the real emergency is permanently perceptible and comprehensible. 


The risk of medical emergencies and accidents, caused by nature or other living beings can hit anyone who goes into the wilderness, as a traveler, or who is staying there professionally, especially rangers, but also a hobby hiker on a "harmless" day trip. Therefore, intensive training is needed to minimize dangers in such scenarios.

Training content


Our Basic Wilderness Medic training covers some of the most statistically significant medical threats that can occur in the wild, caused by the effects of climate or terrain / falls, food or water shortage, or outdoor work-related accidents.




















The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Nature Experience & Wilderness Experience: Like all the disciplines of a Rangertraining, the Wilderness Medic training is an intense action in and with nature - and a confrontation with the wilderness. The combination of terrific scenery, wildlife encounters on foot, the magic of Africa and the certainty to dramatically improve survival skills make Wilderness Medic training a terrific adventure - and one of the most important aspects of surviving in wild Nature.

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