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Basics of survival in real wilderness


Definition: Based on the Wild Nature Expert training, the Basic Wilderness Survival Training forms the basis for any kind of activity in wild nature. Without this training every trip to real wilderness can  bear considerable risks. We know the dangers of the wilderness, the risks of an extreme nature and environment that surrounds us daily.

The risks of the wild nature can hit anyone who goes into the wilderness, as a traveler, or who is staying there professionally, especially rangers, but also a hobby hiker on a "harmless" day trip.

Most intensive form of nature experience: Wilderness Survival is the most intensive way of dealing with nature. The combination of terrific scenery, wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa and the certainty to significantly improve its survival skills, make the Wilderness Survival Training one of the greatest adventures that can be experienced in nature.

Ondjou Wilderness Reserve: In our huge, 10qkm private training area all disciplines of the Wilderness Survival can be trained perfectly. Ondjou is located in the semi-arid climatic area, and therefore provides natural conditions for survival training for the deserts, steppes and savanna of the earth, including survival in the harshest mountain and rocky terrain. The country is characterized by deserted vastness, lack of water, often heavy terrain and a plant and animal world, which are adapted to the harsh conditions. - The high temperatures during the summer months and the frequent cold in the night (also minus degrees) in the winter months, as well as extreme thunderstorms and flash floods in the rainy season, can challenge even the most advanced survival experts. 

Equipment: Even with good equipment, survival in such extreme wilderness is a challenge that requires intense training and the whole man. We refer to this best case as "Specialized Equipment Survival". But we also prepare for scenarios where equipment may fail or be unavailable. Then we have to improvise (Improvised Equipment Survival) and more and more to live and survive through the help of natural materials only (Primitive Survival), focusing on the fascinating skills of the Namibian Bushmen (San) and other native tribes.


Training content:


Our Wilderness Survival training is based on the most statistically greatest risks that can occur in the wild, especially in the deserts, steppes and savannah regions of the world. Much of it is universally applicable everywhere in the world. Own ideas and individual opportunities for development are part of our training philosophy. Instead of long demos we give short instructions and only intervene helpfully where necessary, so that the participants can constantly test and improve their own ability and thereby strengthen the contents of the lesson more:

"The Adventure of a Lifetime!

All programs of the SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy are very intense oudoor and nature experiences and an effective preparation for real emergencies - wherever it may take place .... Its a great challenge for all motivated adventurers, outdoor and survival sportsmen, an unforgettable experience and - of course - an ultimate African adventure.

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