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Where man is not superior

Background: Jaw + Claw (Animal Danger) Survival Scouting is one of the most intriguing aspects of wilderness survival. Animal attacks or threats are so complex and demanding that we devote two courses to this topic - a basic and an advanced course. A "Jaw + Claw Scout" constantly observes all signs in the wild for the presence of potentially dangerous animals, knows the behavior of these animals and how to avoid threats. The second part of Jaw+Claw Survival Training (see Specialist Course) is to qualify as a "Jaw + Claw Survival Shooter ", ie the self-defense against animal attacks in extreme cases.

The risks of wild nature can hit anyone who goes into the wilderness, as a traveler, or who is staying there professionally, especially rangers, but it can also happen to any hobby hiker on a "harmless" day trip.

The most intense form of experiencing nature: Jaw + Claw Survival is the most intensive way of dealing with nature. The combination of terrific scenery, wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa and the certainty to significantly improve his survival skills, make the training one of the greatest adventures that can be experienced in nature.

Confrontation Avoidance: The main goal of Jaw+Claw Survival Training is living, moving and surviving in the wild in peaceful coexistence with potentially dangerous animals without confrontation.

Potentially dangerous animals are not generally malignant, but only attack if they feel directly threatened, e.g. if approached to closely, are injured, or feel cornered. But it is also a fact that in Africa alone, many thousands of people are killed or seriously injured each year by wildlife. 

Conflict prevention is the heart of Jaw + Claw Survival. By developing observational skills, "wild eyes" and sharp senses, moving and camping in the wild and knowing the wildlife behavior, we are able to greatly reduce the risk of wildlife attacks.

Ondjou Wilderness Reserve - Perfect Training Conditions: This threat is well known to us through our life in the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve and from working in the wilderness regions of Africa for decades. This environment creates the best conditions for preparing for real emergencies with dangerous animals. 


Wildlife Tracking & Stalking: The training takes place exclusively in regions where potentially dangerous animals actually occur. The training in their habitat is one of the most intense outdoor adventures ever - and are a real "adventure of your lifetime" ...

Training content


The course is designed according to the statistically greatest dangers. The wilderness regions of Africa are by far the most dangerous regions in the world when it comes to Jaw + Claw survival. That's why training with us is so effective. We focus on the following types of animals in the course:

Predators: lions, leopards, hyenas, jackals/ferral dogs (rabbies), baboons, crocodiles

Poisonous animals: snakes, scorpions

Ungulates: Aggressive antelope, buffalo and other wild cattle

Pachyderms: elephant, rhino, hippo

The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Wilderness Survival training at the Ondjou Wilderness Reserves is a very intense oudoor and nature experience and an effective preparation for real emergencies - wherever it may take place .... The Training is a great challenge for all motivated adventurers, outdoor and survival sportsmen , an unforgettable experience and - of course - an ultimate African adventure.

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